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Our Store

Our shop has a vast range of beautiful upholstery and curtaining fabrics on display for immediate purchase and carries extensive end-of range stocks from all the major fabric houses. These designer fabrics are available at hugely discounted prices. There are likewise large stocks of remnants – smaller pieces of designer fabrics that can be used for cushions, tablecloths, table runners and the like, and a wide variety of small décor items that can be used to beautify a home.


We have thousands of metres of exquisite fabric for both upholstery and curtaining in all the latest designs and colours.


These are samples of fabric from the latest collections available for you to touch and feel. These collections can be purchased on order


Our cushions are a reflection of what is trending in  the fabric world. They are bespoke, unique and gorgeous .and made just for you


These are the pieces that finish off a living space , the pieces that make a house a home and tie everything together. We have an entire floor of ornaments on view ready to be purchased.

Everything you need in one place

A beautiful range of fabrics and linens

Personally selected remnants

A cushion making service on the premises

Interior Decorating consulting services