May 2018

If the seasons are each ninety one and a bit days long and 21 June is mid-winter, then theoretically winter began on the 6th of May. It is still beautifully warm during the day but jerseys are a must in the evenings and mornings – and whichever way you look at it, it’s only getting colder from here on.
May’s birthstone is the Emerald – emblematic of love and success – and emerald remains a key decorating colour for 2018. Winter naturally lends itself to the use of thicker, more tactile fabrics and that’s why velvets – either in dark colours or earthy shades of clay, terracotta and ochre are a must this season.
Combine this with soft linens, oversize sofas and chairs, lots of casual throws, huge cushions that envelop you as you lie on them, and you have the perfect arrangement for winter!
Another fascinating trend that is becoming more popular – and I must confess I have not come across this before – is putting wallpaper on ceilings. Done carefully and appropriately, it can completely transform a room whether it is a loft room, a bedroom or a lounge ceiling.
As always we have everything you need to achieve all of the above – happy decorating!

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