May 2017


The first of May is celebrated around the world as International Labour Day. But the second of May is the International Day of Idleness and so I hope you had a very restful long weekend last week! This Saturday coming up is World Naked Gardening Day – although given our decidedly cooler temperatures I think we should leave this one to those in the Northern Hemisphere who are getting all excited about Spring.

For us, it’s the opposite and I am surprised at how quickly the temperatures have dropped here in Johannesburg. One downside of our gloriously long and hot summers is the fact that our homes are notoriously ill designed for winter weather and one of our biggest challenges is finding efficient ways of keeping them warm. A fireplace is a must I think, but a roaring fire without the appropriate rugs, cushions and curtains is just not as appealing. So add a dash of warm colour to your living rooms and bedrooms. Use orange, red, brown and purple in curtaining, upholstery and cushions and you will instantly add a cosy dimension to those spaces!

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