May 2016


An indisputable fact about the decor,design and textile industry is that nothing is constant and trends are always changing. But what I have noticed is that, ironically, these trends often reverse themselves. In this regard one theme that I want to touch on this month is the so-called ‘return of the study’. Over the last decade, with the advent of smartphones, laptops and tablets and the ability they have provided us to work everywhere and anywhere, dedicated workspaces have almost become unnecessary and superfluous. And that was perhaps good for a while – but what has happened is that we now work all the time and we have fallen into the very bad habit of working wherever we find ourselves – particularly in our homes. So we work in the bedroom with the laptop on our laps, we tap away in the lounge on our smartphones, we swipe away on our tablets in the kitchen and so on. Technology has allowed work to pervade every physical space that we occupy and I think we should consciously apply ourselves to limiting that trend.

There is no better way to do this than to dedicate a space in our homes for work – and work only. So the wheel turns full circle – and the study is back in vogue! If you are fortunate enough to have a largish room that can be used for this purpose then that’s wonderful – but it can just as easily be a small alcove where a stylish desk and chair, with a few shelves, can be placed and voila, you’re good to go! We have magnificent wallpapers and fabrics that you can use to make this work space an absolute feature of your homes. So start separating out work from the rest of your life – but when you do work, do it in a beautifully decorated and appealing space.

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