Curtain Lining

Giving every curtain a silver lining

Curtain linings play a key part in achieving not only the look you want to have in the room but also the level of comfort you require. We often don’t think about how much drapery and linings have to do with making our homes more comfortable, but that additional layer that lining provides not only gives a professional finish to a curtain but also a substantial improvement in the window’s insulation factor for both temperature and noise.

Curtain lining should never be an afterthought, or forgotten about completely when selecting your curtain fabrics. Spending hundreds or even thousands of rand per meter on high quality curtain fabric is not enough if those curtains are not lined

Linings provide fullness to curtains as the weight of a lined fabric hangs better, making sure the curtain never creases while retaining its shape. They protect the curtain fabric from the harsh African sun; they insulate your room; reduce noise pollution; protect against moisture and condensation and last but not least, control the amount of light that enters a room.

Exquisite Cuts is experienced in giving curtains that professional edge and will assist you with all your curtain lining requirements. We have a wide range of lining treatments available.

Curtain lining

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